Abundance starts with seeing

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Resources are the incredible potential for a system to function, grow, and flourish into his wholeness.

Identifying the resources, seeing the resources, and bring them on board is at the core of the generative change. A desired state may be often the healthy expression of an ecological willingness to integrating a new resource. Resources are always available inside and outside us, in our own system and in connection to the bigger system we are in.

The matter is: do we see them? Do we recognise them? Do we connect to them? Do we bring them on board in a conscious and creative way?

Sometimes, finding back and uncovering a resource requires to stop breathing and dive into an underwater world. It is rescuing something that was left on the seabed.

Sometimes it requires us to go to the balcony and see the entire panorama, have the entire view from a distance and see all that is contained there and we do not see when we are “downstairs”, as a part of the panorama.

Other times it requires to see the all richest forest full of different trees, plants, and living forms instead of focusing and being obsessed by one single type of tree.

These are indeed the possible characteristics of re-sourcing: diving down, looking from a distance, identifying a new form, in order to integrate the missing part that would make the all system growing in an ecological and generative way. Living systems are able to self-sustain themselves in order to learn and thus thrive.

On the journey to our desired state it is crucial then to continuously ask ourselves: what are the resources I can awaken and connect to, that can help and support me in the realisation of my dream and my desire?