Leadership is the creation of beauty

Photo credit: Craig Burrows Female leadership has a truly generative nature, that is, an attitude to the original contribution with a high aesthetic component. It draws indeed on a creative dimension and feeds on belonging. It is not defined by a merely directional dimension and at the most authentic core, female leadership identifies with the creationContinue reading “Leadership is the creation of beauty”

Abundance starts with seeing

Resources are the incredible potential for a system to function, grow, and flourish into its wholeness. Identifying the resources, seeing the resources, and bringing them on board are at the core of the generative change. The desired state may be often the healthy expression of an ecological willingness to integrate a new resource. Resources areContinue reading “Abundance starts with seeing”

Why do we need a narrative mindset?

Photo credit: ┬ęCarletto Del Monaco Recently, the power of narrative attracts more attention in learning and transforming individuals, teams, and communities. Why is a narrative mindset so crucial in this time of complex challenges? How is it related to our capacity for creating meaning, overcoming paradoxes and living in uncertainty? My experience Like all humans,Continue reading “Why do we need a narrative mindset?”