The missing resource(s)

When we are on a journey to our desired state and dream, it may happen to fall into a state called “CRASH state”. In generative change, CRASH is an acronym that stands for C= Contracted, R= Reactive, A = Analysis Paralysis, S = Separation, H= Hostility, Hurt or Hatred The feelings of contraction, disconnection, reactivityContinue reading “The missing resource(s)”

On generativity

A picture from Story of Flowers A fascinating etymological history The term generativity was introduced for the first time by Erik Erikson to indicate the stage of care in his theory of human development, the aspiration and the need to leave a legacy for the future generations, in contrast to a state of stagnation. EriksonContinue reading “On generativity”

Why do we need a narrative mindset?

photo by ┬ęCarl├Ętto Del Monaco Recently, the power of narrative attracts more attention in learning and transforming individuals, teams, and communities. Why is a narrative mindset so crucial in this time of complex challenges? How is it related to our capacity for creating meaning, overcoming paradoxes and living in uncertainty? My experience Like all humans,Continue reading “Why do we need a narrative mindset?”