Generative Coaching

Creating vital abundance towards your meaningful purpose

The generative coaching process aims at accessing your deepest creative source, transforming the obstacles you encounter, to realise your unique and meaningful outcomes in your professional and private life.

The capacity to access a generative state while encountering challenges will be essential during your heroine’s journey.

Your path to abundance passes through transforming obstacles into resources

Painting credit: Anne-Marie Zylberman

I love the natural, intuitive and supportive way in which Alessandra manages to pull out the creative wisdom of my body and heart. My generative journey with her was revitalizing from the start. My well-being went up and up and up. It felt almost effortless in creating sustainable changes in my life as the small steps of my whole being were simple and easy to do, and surprisingly fulfilling.

Sofie Baeke. Trainer, Coach, Facilitator, and Teacher in Social Design for Sustainability. (Belgium)

My experience with Alessandra was truly transformative. I had three sessions, which connected deeply with my body, mind, spirit and energy. These led me clearly to (re)discover and give affirmation to where my personal and professional priorities are. Alessandra has a calm and zen demeanour, with an innate ability to connect on a one-on-one deeper level. It’s been an awakening to discover the method of generative coaching.”

Rozina Spinnoy, Managing and Creative Director, Belgium Design Council, Entrepreneur, and Community Builder. (Belgium)

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