Co-creating abundance through generative practices

Generative Collaboration

We are collectively intelligent and generative when we have the capacity to think and act from a collective source of creativity. Then, the outcome, the insights and the clarity is much more than the sum of the individual contributions. Read more…

Generative Coaching

The core focus of Generative Coaching is your creativity. In this journey, your self-awareness is the difference that makes the difference. Read more…

3E process:

a generative leadership path for regenerative enterprises

The 3E process is a generative leadership path for regenerative enterprises, to build a solid leadership and collaborative capacity for the challenges ahead and to be ready to overcome obstacles in their pioneering ventures. It includes three fundamental step stones: embrace, expand and emerge.

3E process helps sustain your vitality and creativity when you do pioneering work, and will support you in order to thrive by transforming the obstacles that will naturally come on your way.