Generative Collaboration

We are collectively intelligent and generative when we have the capacity to think and act from a collective source of creativity. The outcomes, the insights, and the clarity are then much more than the sum of the individual contributions.

We constantly interact with others and more often than ever we work together in teams and deal with increasingly challenging missions.

Generative collaboration allows us to access the highest potential of a group, and discover and use new ideas and resources from a “collective mind”. In this way, we can manifest generative capacity to connect to,  reveal and enact the very new.

From an eco-systemic perspective, generative collaboration is a crucial capacity in the entire stakeholders’ system in order to create both a successful and purposeful enterprise.

I offer pieces of training on collective intelligence and facilitate programs based on principles and practices of generative collaboration that can make your team a generative team and your stakeholder system a field of resourceful and creative relationships.