More and more often we hear stories of profound dissatisfaction in professional life, especially after the age of forty and especially among women.

The cry often expresses a sense of aridity and emptiness, or a lack of meaning, and a feeling of estrangement both in the workspace and in private life. What have they lost?

There are thresholds awaiting you as a modern woman.

Women often feel that they are disconnected from their deep identity, and their relation to their feminine Self is somehow lost in their attempt to become successful in the world.

This is a path of reconnection and reconciliation with your deep feminine side.

As you become more conscious of them, you can resourcefully navigate your inner journey and your journey in the world with a new, profound sense of meaning and vitality.

In this workshop, you will learn about the fundamental thresholds every woman encounters and needs to pass towards a complete and fulfilling life.

You will acquire clarity on the empowering essentials to becoming a more conscious, resourceful, confident woman and staying loyal to your feminine presence and contribution to the world.

This retreat includes a deepening of the fundamentals with an immersion in Nature. You will engage in individual and group practices for profound reconnection to your feminine Self,  and your deep-felt bond with the natural world. To re-discover your most authentic values and female voice in your feminine path toward wholeness and completion.