More about me


I am a consultant, facilitator, trainer and a certified coach for generative change.

After my Ph.D in Physics, I started my career as a scientist in technological innovation and contributed to field for more than a decade, enjoying an exciting multidisciplinary work and a multicultural life environment. Until the need to profoundly revisit the paradigm that is driving science and technology in contemporary culture has called me.

I immersed myself for many years in learning more about the theory of complexity and systems thinking, embracing a systems view of life and a complex vision of cultural transformation. My personal, profound resonance with the principles and values of the new science (in biology and physics) supported me in the development of a holistic view of problem-solving and creativity.

In 2011, I started my own practice as a trainer and facilitator of creative thinking. As I became engaged in contributing to the paradigm shift occurring now in our culture, I trained myself in Theory U, Generative Change and the Narrative Approach to change and transformation.

Today I combine my experience as a researcher, technological innovator, systems thinker, generative coach and facilitator of collective intelligence to build a new mindset, a new capacity, a new behavior, and contribute to the transition toward a new thriving culture of generativity, resilience, and wellbeing.

Since 2015 I take an active part in u.labs and more recently in the S-Lab, the Societal Transformation Lab. These are global platforms for changemakers initiated by the Presencing Institute and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to accelerate the shift in thinking and behavior, and bring about more sustainable and equitable social systems worldwide.

In my practice as a changemaker, generative coaching, generative collaboration and transformational narrative are essential tools to access complex thinking and systems perspectives for the non-linear challenges of today.